Gandha Thailam Gel Capsule 100’s

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As the ageing progresses bones become thin, more fragile and prone to fractures. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to provide enough nourishment to bones and joints. Proper care should also be given to ligaments and tendons as they brace, strengthen and protect the bones, reducing the pressure on them. Gandha Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil fortified with potent herbs that can be taken internally. Compared to the traditional oil format, this soft gel capsule form is more palatable and easy to consume orally. This wholesome formulation helps in overall bone and joint health. When consumed appropriately, the formulation aids faster healing of fractures and is beneficial in aiding recovery from sprains . With more than 30 ingredients, AVP Gandha Thailam Gel Capsules effectively act on Vata dosha and bone tissues. It contains herbs that possess strengthening properties like Bala, Devadaru and Rasna. Black sesame seed, the main ingredient which is a rich source of Calcium, is processed in cow’s milk and licorice decoction. This improves the strength of bones and helps prevent further damage.