Kathaka Kathiradi Kashayam

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Diabetes, a chronic metabolic disorder comes with a range of consequences affecting nearly every organ system and contributing to numerous complications. As a major public health concern, the condition calls for comprehensive preventive measures, early diagnosis, and ongoing management to mitigate its wide-ranging impact on individuals and society. Katakakhadiradi Kashayam from the house of The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd. contains a combination of herbs that are beneficial in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in the body. This herbal decoction helps tackle the symptoms of hyperglycemia, including excessive thirst, hunger, perspiration, and fatigue. With Turmeric and Amla among the ingredients, the decoction helps lower insulin resistance in the body effectively. Formulated as per the original traditional recipe, AVP Katakakhadiradi Kashayam contains Khadira as one of the ingredients. It aids in the purification of blood and helps prevent skin manifestations such as Diabetic Carbuncles. The ingredients in the decoction also complement each other to help prevent the manifestation of complications such as Diabetic Neuropathy.