D-Nil 30

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Type 2 Diabetes constitutes around 98 percent of diabetes diagnoses worldwide. The complications of poorly managed Diabetes reflect systemic health issues and pose another threat to life expectancy. While a good number of people resort to constant medications including Insulin support, a natural aid that helps manage the situation can be life changing for many. D-Nil Capsules from the house of The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited is an advanced formula of Ayurvedic ingredients that help maintain optimum blood glucose levels. Natural extracts in the capsule support the health of Pancreas, the organ that produces Insulin in the body. It contains ingredients Vairi and Bimbi that are traditionally renowned for their benefits in managing high blood glucose levels. Diabetes can contribute to oxidative stress and inflammation within the body. D-Nil Capsules feature powerful antioxidant rich herbs that aid neutralisation of harmful free radicals, reducing cellular damage and protecting against long-term complications associated with diabetes.


1. Vairi (Salacia reticulata) helps improve insulin resistance and glucose metabolism 2. Bimbi (Coccinia grandis) mature unripe fruit extract possesses antioxidant, antiglycation, insulin secretory activities 3. 4.