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Digestive issues occur when there are problems with how our bodies break down and process food. They are very common and can happen due to poor diet, food intolerance, gastrointestinal disorders and even after a very heavy meal. A quick fix that promotes the action of digestive juices and gives comfort is what our body needs to get back to normalcy. Dasamoolarishtam by The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd. is a mixture of ten herb roots (hence the name “Dasamoola”) along with other ingredients. The perfect blend of herbs and spices helps alleviate indigestion, bloating and restores appetite. The Arishtam prepared using traditional fermentation process aids optimum functioning of digestive juices, boosts metabolism and provides nourishment to the body. The Dasamoola herbs also act harmoniously to reduce various types of pain, swelling and help the body to fight against illnesses. A boon to postpartum women, the formulation with antioxidant rich herbs revitalises and supports the body’s rejuvenation. It also helps in balancing Vata dosha and is acclaimed for its strengthening action in the body.  


1. Bilva (Aegle marmelos) Helps reduce inflammatory changes in the body 2. Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica) Digestive and carminative herb that helps alleviate inflammation and pain 3. Brihati (Solanum indicum) Helps maintain digestive health 4. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) Supports reproductive health