Vidaryadi Kashayam

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Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures classify herbs with similar properties into specific groups called ganas. Many formulations prepared from these ganas are highly beneficial in several diseases. Vidaryadi Kashayam from The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited is one such recipe, meticulously crafted from Vidaryadi Gana mentioned in Ashtanga Hridaya. AVP Vidaryadi Kashayam is beneficial in several conditions where Vata dosha is predominantly deranged, like respiratory conditions and weakness of the body. It contains nourishing herbs like Vidari, Jeevanthi etc., traditionally known for their nutrifying effects in the body. The herbs complement each other in the concoction to help relieve muscle weakness, cough and breathing difficulties and supports cardiac health. AVP Vidaryadi Kashayam is a boon to the new mothers during their postpartum period. Post delivery, the body will be weak and needs nourishing formulas to regain its strength and vitality. The exquisite blend contains herbs that aid enhanced breast milk production like Shatavari, while nurturing the body with its unique formula. Derived from a rich tradition of Ayurvedic wisdom, Vidaryadi Kashaya imparts a holistic approach to health and vitality.


1. Vidari (Ipomea mauritiana) Nourishing herb that helps increase breast milk and improves muscle strength 2. Jivanti (Holostemma ada-kodien) Helps relieve respiratory disorders like Asthma and cough 3. Devadaru (Cedrus deodara) Helps reduce generalised body pain 4.