Ajamamsa Rasayanam 400gm

₹ 300

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As per Ayurveda, goat meat is homologous with human body tissues, hence said to be ‘Adoshala’, meaning it does not provoke any dosha. AVP Ajamamsa Rasayanam is prepared with goat meat and more than 30 herbs processed in ghee, sugar and honey that makes the combination more nutritious, potent and palatable. It helps to improve body mass and offers healthy weight gain when consumed appropriately. The nourishing ingredients in AVP Ajamamsa Rasayanam like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Bala etc. help to replenish the body tissues. Atmagupta, packed with a natural source of Dopamine precursor, soothes the nervous system. It is suitable during the post-delivery stage for improving the strength of the mother. As it supports the neuromuscular system, the formulation aids as a nourishing support to those who suffer from debility after stroke attacks and serves as a good nourishing supplement to those who are focused on body building. AVP Ajamamsa Rasayanam promotes sexual drive. Musali and Atmagupta bolsters the quality of semen in men and supports female reproductive health. Ingredients like Sariba and Gokshura in the composition assists Urogenital health in men and women.