Hair And Herbal Shampoo 100 ml

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In olden days, there used to be a practice in the traditional South Indian homes to prepare ‘Chemparathi Thaali’ aka a herbal paste of Hibiscus flowers and leaves to apply on the hair of young girls and women. Oiling the air followed by cleansing with ‘Chemparathi Thaali’ used to be a ritual as it played an important role in maintaining healthy luscious locks. Inspired by the traditional values, AVP combines the virtues of Chemparathi or Hibiscus with modern research and technology in bringing forth a proprietary composition – Hair and Herbal Shampoo. The Ayurvedic shampoo contains the therapeutic benefits of Japapatra or hibiscus leaves in a bottle that aids in cleansing the scalp while maintaining the natural health of hair. Hibiscus leaves in Hair and Herbal Shampoo have a natural cooling potency that helps soothe the scalp when applied. The extract of hibiscus leaves contains flavonoids and tannins that are believed to be responsible for hair growth activity. The gentle shampoo imparts a pampering and revitalising experience during every wash without making the hair frizzy and dry.


1. Japapatra (Hibiscus rosa chinensis) active constituents such as flavonoids and tannins help promote hair growth and aids cleansing of scalp 2. 3. 4.