Kallyanaka Gritham – 150 g

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Product Description - Kalyanaka Gritham promotes healthy brain function by supporting memory and improving the power of concentration and emotional balance. - This Ayurvedic product helps the body remove toxins from deeper tissues and cleanse them naturally. Its nutrients are capable of supplying nourishment to a variety of tissues, from the blood to the bone marrow. - Some benefits of Kalyanaka Gritham include helping to lubricate nerves and supporting their rejuvenation, as well as boosting the immune system. - This product contains a complex combination of 28 different herbs, which are combined into a nourishing and highly potent base of ghee. These herbs are claimed to improve memory, focus and concentration, as well as mood and general disposition. INGREDIENTS - Chandana – Acts As A Blood Purifier. Effective In The Management Of Infertility, Poisoning And Helmenthiasis. Beneficial In Debility. - Daruharidra – Beneficial In Managing The Diabetes And Skin Diseases - Tagara – Beneficial In Managing The Symptoms Of Psychological Diseases And Seizures. BENEFITS - Promotes A Healthy Brain Function - Detoxifies The Body Naturally - Nerve And Brain Tonic - Improves Fertility - Has Laxative And Carminative Properties