Murivenna Antiseptic Ayurvedic Balm 30 gm

₹ 299

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No matter how hard we try, minor household injuries like cuts, burns and bruises can happen any time. Timely and immediate intervention during such incidents goes a long way in reducing further complications. Every home needs a quick go-to first aid that caters to this urgent requirement. AVP’s Murivenna Balm with its superior blend of cooling herbs is an innovative way to support healing and soothe the delicate skin. The botanical extracts in Murivenna Balm are renowned for their calming nature with their innate cooling properties. Potentiated with essential herbs like Aloe Vera and Betel leaves in a coconut oil base, Murivenna Balm helps accentuate wound repair and soft tissue damage in peripheral burns and injuries. It also helps reduce associated burning sensation and blister formation in such unfortunate events, reducing the chances of infections. Murivenna Balm offers versatile usage options ranging from localised application on a wound or bruise to soothing a painful bedsore. Easy application and quicker absorption leaves behind a pleasant sensation and aids pain relief associated with superficial skin damage. Suitable for all skin types, Murivenna Pain Balm combines the traditional wisdom with modern manufacturing techniques to deliver superior results.