Rheumaheal 30gm Fast Acting Balm

₹ 425

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Application of oil as a part of pain management is an integral part of authentic and traditional Ayurvedic practice. Sometimes a combination of two or more oils are needed for better and faster outcome. Rheumaheal is the result of such constant research to innovatively introduce the benefits of more than one product in a single formulation. Rheumaheal is a cutting-edge product thoughtfully designed by combining the benefits of four traditional Ayurvedic oils – Dhanwantharam Thailam, Narayana Thailam, Sahacharadi Thailam and Prabhanjanam Thailam. Acclaimed for its effects in alleviating different types of pain, the therapeutic virtues of these oils come together in Rheumaheal, delivering holistic pain relieving effects. While Dhanwantharam Thailam helps with joint and muscular discomfort, Sahacharadi and Prabanjanam Thailams are renowned for their action on lower back and adjacent body parts. The inexplicable benefits of Narayana thailam in headaches, neck and shoulder pain are also incorporated in Rheumaheal to provide superior effects. The easy-to-use compact product facilitates a quick option to find the much-needed relief from stiffness, tenderness and helps regain the quality of life, contributing to long term wellbeing.