Gulguluthikthakam Kashayam – 200 ml

₹ 240

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Product Description - It helps in enhancing strength, promotes healing, effective in managing arthritis and skin diseases. - Relieves severe itching of the skin, helps healing, beneficial in skin diseases and cures faster. - It helps in rejuvenating, improves strength in the body and benefits in inflammatory joint diseases. - It helps in getting rid of the joint pain and pain related to Spondylopathies. - USAGE : You can consme it as directed by physician. INGREDIENTS - Gulgulu – Helps with arthritis. - Nimba – Beneficial with skin disease. - Amrutha – Relives from join pains. BENEFITS - Enhances Strength, Promotes Healing, Effective In Managing Arthritis And Skin Diseases - Relieves Pruritis, Helps Healing, Beneficial In Skin Diseases - Rejuvenating, Improves Strength And Benefits In Inflammatory Joint Diseases