Agasthyarasayanam – 200 g

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Product Description - Agasthyarasayanam from AVP helps as a respiratory care like cough and shortness of breath - It acts as a support and strengthens respiratory function Mainly helps in curing (beneficial) asthma - It helps in gastrisis and relieves from congestion, cough and relives pain associated with flanks, fatigue - Agastyarasayanam helps in nourishment of body tissues as it is made with safe herbs and authentic ayurvedic products - Dosage- Two times in two weeks, can have upto 1g from NA-1 age. For age range from 1NA and above 5- 1NAg can be used. - Respiratory Care INGREDIENTS - Dasamoola - Atmagupta - Abhaya BENEFITS - Helps in alleviating cough - Effective in dealing with respiratory ailments and nourishment - Helps in shortness of breath and helps in asthma