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Shatavari is known as the ‘queen of herbs’ in Ayurveda as it promotes love and devotion just like the divine energy that a female radiates in the same way in different phases of her life. A highly acclaimed herb for its benefits on the female reproductive health and wellbeing, Shatavari is often regarded as a female tonic for the virtues it holds. AVP Leuconil Capsules contain the goodness of Shatavari in encapsulated powder form. With its cold potency and sweet metabolic taste Shatavari helps calm Pitta dosha, aggravated in inflammatory conditions. Thus the capsule is beneficial in not just non-specific white discharge, but also in Leucorrhoea associated with inflammatory conditions. Leucorrhoea or white discharge as it commonly known, can manifest during pregnancy and post-natal phase as well and can be quite distressing to women. Intake of Leuconil Capsules help reduce the discharge and aids relief in associated symptoms like itching, with added benefits of improved lactation. The Capsule helps in optimising the functions of the female reproductive system and the uterus specifically, contributing to enhanced wellbeing.


1. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) active constituents in the herb supports healthy uterine functions and promotes lactation 2. 3. 4.