Aswagandhadi Lehyam

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Maintaining a healthy body weight and stamina are vital for overall well-being. A balanced diet and regular exercise help improve endurance, and enhance physical performance, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. It also contributes to mental well-being, boosting self-confidence and promoting a positive body image.   Aswagandhadi Lehyam by AVP is an artfully blended combination of revitalising herbs such as Aswagandha, Atmagupta, Yashti, Lavanga, Ela, Tvak, Patra, Aja mamsa (Meat of Goat) and more. This exquisite fusion not only helps invigorate your senses but also provides a natural source of antioxidants, promoting overall well-being. The product helps rejuvenate the body and is a useful supplement for muscle strengthening that aids to improve body weight naturally.   Aswagandhadi Lehyam is in the form of linctus, prepared by using powdered herbs, sugar, honey etc., processed in ghee. Highly useful during the postpartum recovery period, the formulation works to improve vigour, stamina and relieves tiredness, contributing to optimum energy levels throughout the day. It is also useful in improving digestive and respiratory health.